ICAO Level 4 Vocabulary: Blue-Collar vs White-Collar Worker

Today we’ll concentrate on the difference shown above and you’ll be strongly encouraged to listen to a student-oriented podcast.  If you need more aviation-related vocabulary, please subscribe to my newsletter – click here.

What’s the difference between a blue-collar and a white-collar worker?

Blue-collar workers – “blue-collar workers do work that involves using physical strength or skill with their hands rather than working in an office”

White-collar workers – “relating to people who work in offices, doing work that needs mental rather than physical effort”

A podcast as a valuable source of knowledge 🙂

Now listen to a BBC podcast on the difference between a blue-collar worker and a white-collar worker. You can download the mp3 on your mobile and listen to it while being offline or listen to it directly via online streaming. If you’re not sure about the vocab, take a look at a transcript included on a website linked below.


The interesting vocabulary used in the podcast:

  • sturdy – physically strong and solid or thick, and therefore unlikely to break or be hurt (“sturdy clothes”)
  • managerial – relating to a manager or management (“managerial tasks”)
  • a clerk – a person who works in an office, dealing with records or performing general office duties
  • go bankrupt – have no money
  • denim – a thick, strong cotton cloth, often blue in color, used especially for making jeans (“blue fabric like denim”)

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*) The sources of the above definitions are Cambridge Online Dictionary and Macmillan Online Dictionary.