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I’m Emilia Barska.

I am an aviation English specialist and a general English teacher dedicated to teaching advanced language skills for safer skies. 

Emilia Barska an aviation English teacherWho am I?


A daughter of an airline pilot wholeheartedly committed to improving pilots’ and air traffic controllers’ English skills to help them pass an ICAO exam and reach ICAO Level 5 or 6. I want to you to become proficient speakers of English.

I am committed to excellence with a huge sense of responsibility for safer skies. What is more, I am driven by a tremendous passion to aviation. This website is a place where I share my expert point of view by publishing the best articles concerning English for aviation in a wider context.


My education. How I did I turn theory into practice?

I’ve been teaching English since 2007 when I was asked to help my teenage friend to prepare for his school-leaving English examination. From a mediocre learner, he turned an A-level graduate. His success was my first serious stimulus to think over my aims and vocation. In 2009 I started studying English philology at the University of Warsaw and graduated in 2012.


I had an opportunity to teach in a nursery, kindergartens (including the English language by immersion method), primary schools, lower-secondary schools (including the Montessori Method of Education) and high schools.


Currently, I work as a full-time English teacher in a primary school.


Now, it’s been 12 years of my career as a teacher and I still consider teaching the best occupation for me.



How did I become an Aviation English Specialist?

English for Aviation

In 2009 I had a pleasure to fly on a long-haul flight with my dad and I can perfectly recall a moment when he talked to an ATC on a radio and I, an English philology student on a C1/C2 level at that time, was astonished and linguistically humiliated to hear what they had said, and I couldn’t understand most of that message.


In 2010 I finished the Intensive Course for Teachers of Aviation English. It laid the groundwork for my professional experience as an aviation English teacher.


No matter if you’re a pilot or English as a second language student, I don’t do mediocre. I’m interested in your linguistic weaknesses and the constant improvement and regular progress to raise up your skills for the higher levels.




My adventure with

Ready for takeoff

March 5th 2011 was a deadline for the full implementation of English language proficiency, known formally as ICAO Level 4 (Operational). Since then pilots and air traffics controllers were obliged by the international law to pass an ICAO exam and demonstrate upper-intermediate language skills to prevent another accidents or incidents.

Then, I gained my first experience in teaching pilots and air traffic controllers in one-to-one tuition.


In 2012 devoted my Bachelor of Arts thesis to the analysis of the importance of aviation English. I was ready for takeoff as a specialist in this area.


Since I launched in 2016, it is a natural expansion of my knowledge to reach a wide audience. Feel free to write to me if you have any questions concernig learning and teaching English for aviation. 


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