Environment and Health PDFs
– ICAO Advanced Aviation English 

I’ll teach you advanced aviation English vocabulary to help you achieve ICAO Level 5 and 6.

I’m Emilia Barska

In these PDFs, I’d like to give you the best aviation-related vocabulary concerning Health and Environment in order to help you pass an ICAO exam and get Level 5 Extended or Level 6 Expert.

Revise Before Flight - aviation English

“Health” and “Environment” mindmaps are designed for:

ground crew

checkbox smallGround crew


checkbox smallAircrew

Traffic control

checkbox smallAir traffic controllers

Iridescence Boeing 767

checkbox smallAviation enthusiasts

“Health” mindmap includes the following sections:

checkbox-black Passenger’s symptoms


checkbox-black Collocations


checkbox-black Phrasal verbs


checkbox-black Various situations


checkbox-black  Devices

environment and aviation

“Environment” mindmap includes the following sections:

checkbox-black Non-renewable energy resources


checkbox-blackRenewable energy resources


checkbox-black The future solutions


checkbox-black Adjectives

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