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I’ll teach you advanced aviation English structures to help you achieve ICAO Level 5 and 6.

I’m Emilia Barska

In this course, I’d like to show you how to study with me to pass an ICAO exam and get Level 5 Extended or Level 6 Expert.

Revise Before Flight - aviation English

Are these descriptions close to you?

checkboxAnother week has passed and you haven’t done anything to improve your English skills.

checkbox You postpone the moment when you begin studying because you don’t know where to begin and end. It’s too much.

checkbox You have learned English a long time ago but your knowledge is chaotic, it needs a lot of revision.

checkbox You don’t believe in yourself so that you can achieve something more than Level 4 Operational.

checkbox An unpredictable schedule cannot guarantee the regularity of your additional classes.

If yes,  this course is for you. Read on because you’re on the best track to improve.

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FL350 Course is designed for:

ground crew

checkboxGround crew



Traffic control

checkboxAir traffic controllers

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checkboxAviation enthusiasts

In FL350 Course you’ll learn

Essential grammar revision

Before we move on to advanced grammar structures, I prepared a module with our core of the English language structures: present, past and future tenses plus relative pronouns.

Advanced grammar structures

In this module, I focus on advanced grammar structures: articles (both in general and aviation English context), modal verbs, infinitives and gerunds, conditionals, clauses, perfect tenses and passive voice that will help you obtain ICAO Level 5 Extended or Level 6 Expert

Parts of speech

This module is devoted to different parts of speech and aims to pay your attention to tiny differences between parts of speech in English and show you how to make the best use of them.

ICAO Pronunciation

This section focuses on the correct pronunciation to eliminate bad linguistical habits and replace them with the proper versions.

ICAO Fluency & ICAO Interactions

I’ll concentrate here especially on these specific exam conditions where formal speaking is crucial, logical and non-chaotic picture description structure should be included for the best overall performance.

Emilia Barska - aviation English teacher

This course is for those who:

checkboxYou want to self-study and you like it.

checkboxYou’ve already learned the English language but you know you have forgotten some of the essential grammar parts and they need an experienced teacher’s support.

checkboxYou want to spend even a little time on learning and keep in touch with your teacher regardless of your time zone and location.

Read the modules’ description. Make sure this course is for you.

Let me be honest with you.
This course is not for everyone.

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This course is not for those who:

cross This course is not for you if you don’t like self-studying.

cross You prefer at-home real-time classes.

cross You don’t like watching tutorial movies.

cross I bore you.

cross You know the advanced aviation English structures.

Read the modules’ description. Check if you know everything. Make sure this course is not for you.

Details, please! How does this course look inside?

5 modules - icon5 modules

This course consists of 5 modules that are clearly divided to help you concentrate on one linguistic task at a time. I revise all basic structures in order to give you the best fundaments; I show more advanced sides of the simplest forms in order to smoothly transit to more complex grammar, pronunciation and speaking. From A to Z.

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FL350 Course helps you concentrate and gradually expand your knowledge into more complex structures.

support iconSUPPORT

If you have a problem regarding my course write to me and we’ll try to sort it out individually.

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Once you finished a module, check if you mastered all the essential skills to move on.

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Ask me your questions during a webinar, which is a live meeting where you can see me but I cannot see you.

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12-month course access and all its updates plus Webinar Library.

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Modules’ description:

Module 1 – The fundament

This module aims to provide a revision of all the grammar essentials that pay a significant role in your further progress.

– Simple tenses,

– Continuous tenses,

– Future tenses,

– Relative clauses (who, that, which, whose).

Module 2 – ICAO Advanced Grammar Structures

We revise and learn advanced grammar structures in Module 2.

– Perfect tenses (Present Perfect Simple, Past Perfect),

– Passive voice,

– Clauses,

– Conditionals (0 Conditional, 1st Conditional, 2nd Conditional, 3rd Conditional and Mixed Conditional),

– Infinitives and gerunds,

– Modal verbs,

– Articles  – I divided this section into general English and aviation English separate rules.

Module 3 – Parts of speech

In Module 3 I continue advanced grammar structures and pay your attention to the separate parts of speech.

– Nouns

– Adjectives

– Adverbs

– Verbs

– Pronouns

Module 4 – ICAO Pronunciation

– We discuss International Phonetic Alphabet in detail; what is more, the most difficult sounds are presented. Finally, we’ll focus on the top mispronounced aviation and general English words.

– This section focuses on the correct pronunciation and a lot of voice exercises are added to eliminate bad linguistical habits and replace them with the proper versions.

Module 5 – ICAO Fluency and ICAO Interactions during the speaking part of an exam

– This module is dedicated especially to future ICAO exam takers.

– You’ll learn how to plan your speaking before taking part in a test – just like you do before each flight.

– I’ll concentrate here especially on these specific exam conditions where formal speaking is crucial, logical and non-chaotic picture description structure should be included for the best overall performance.

– Moreover, I’ll present some non-standard structures that will significantly increase your chances of obtaining Level 5 & 6.

To sum up


FL350 is designed for students at ICAO Level 4 who want to improve and aim at ICAO Level 5 Extended and Level 6 Expert


You can revisit and review the training materials any time.


This course is clearly divided into short tutorial learning videos.


If you have technical issues or are simply having a challenge you need help with, write emilia@revisebeforeflight.com


You can slow things down and work on your own schedule


You have an access to the current (and updated!) learning materials for one year since purchase


Track your own progress regularly with the downloadable PDFs. You can use them even when your course access is over!


This course is constantly updated and develop in order to deliver you with the best product

aviation english level 5 extended

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I had a pleasure to learn with these professional materials.
 I studied hard and we made a success -I scored the ICAO
Level 5. Thank you Emilia for your invaluable help!”

Tadeusz, a B787 pilot.

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