“Positive Rate” ebook
– ICAO Vocabulary Level 5 and 6

I’m Emilia Barska

In “Positive Rate” I’d like to teach you advanced vocabulary structures to climb and maintain ICAO Level 5 Extended or Level 6 Expert for safer airspace.

Revise Before Flight - aviation English

Are these descriptions close to you?

checkboxAnother week has passed and you haven’t done anything to improve your general English vocabulary in aviation context.

checkboxYou postpone the moment when you begin studying because you don’t know where to begin and end. It’s too much.

checkboxYou have learned English a long time ago but your knowledge is chaotic, it needs a lot of revision.

checkboxYou don’t believe in yourself so that you can achieve something more than Level 4 Operational.

checkbox An unpredictable schedule cannot guarantee the regularity of your additional classes.

If yes,  this ebook is for you. Read on because you’re on the best track to improve.

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“Positive Rate” is designed for:

Traffic control


Air traffic controllers



ground crew

checkboxGround crew

Iridescence Boeing 767

checkboxAviation enthusiasts

I created an ebook for you which contains synonyms for commonly used general English vocabulary in aviation context.

Easy to follow layout

I divided “Positive Rate” into 8 units, which give you a sense of control over the learning content.

Visual unit revisions

Each section finishes with visual unit revision with  icons, quizzes, wordsearches, etc.

4 level checklists

Having finished every two units, you have a linguistic checklist to follow how much you’ve learnt and if there’s anything that still needs your closer attention.

Real-life aviation based examples

Every definition is explained with an aviation world sentence taken from the high authority authentic resources. (BBC, CNN, The Guardian, USAToday, etc.)

Synonyms at Level 5 Extended and Level 6 Expert

How many times can you describe a picture by saying the same non-impressive phrases? How often to do feel the words you know insufficiently express what you really want to say? Synonyms in “Positive Rate” will give you the best tools to boost your linguistic confidence and broaden your vocabulary horizons to improve your speaking not only for an ICAO examination, but also to communicate better in your private time.

Emilia Barska - aviation English teacher

This ebook is for those who:

checkboxYou want to self-study and you like it.

checkboxYou’ve already learned the English language but you know you want to study advanced ICAO vocabulary in aviation context and you need an experienced teacher’s support.

checkboxYou want to spend even a little time on learning and keep in touch with your teacher regardless of your time zone and location.

Read the units’ description. Make sure this ebook is for you.

Let me be honest with you.
This course is not for everyone.

arrow down

“Positive Rate” is not for those who:

cross This ebook is not for you if you don’t like self-studying.

cross You prefer at-home real-time classes.

cross You don’t like reading ebooks.

cross I bore you.

cross You know the advanced aviation English vocabulary.

Read the units’ description. Check if you know everything. Make sure this ebook is not for you.

Details, please! How does “Positive Rate” look inside?

5 modules - icon8 units

“Positive Rate” consists of 8 units that are clearly divided to help you concentrate on one linguistic area at a time. I present advanced vocabulary in context.

advanced vocabulary


“Positive Rate” helps you concentrate and gradually expand your knowledge into more complex structures.

checklist icon


Once you finished every two units, check if you mastered all the essential skills to move on.

support icon


If you have a problem regarding my ebook write to me and we’ll try to sort it out individually.

ebook free updatesFREE EBOOK UPDATES

Yes, you get free updates of “Positive Rate” directly on your email.

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Units’ description:

1. Non-Routine Situations

2. Weather

3. Aircraft & Industry Description

4. Future

5. Past & Devastation

6. Work

7. Everyday Words

8. Emotions

To sum up


“Positive Rate” is designed for students at ICAO Level 4 who want to improve and aim at ICAO Level 5 Extended and Level 6 Expert


You can revisit and review the training materials any time


More than 80 advanced general English words in aviation context with high authority authentic examples


If you have technical issues or are simply having a challenge you need help with, write to me emilia@revisebeforeflight.com


You can slow things down and work on your own schedule


You have an access to the current (and updated!) learning materials as long as you need them


Each unit finishes with a visual revision and when you finish every two units you can self check how much you remember with a Basic, Intermediate, Upper Intermediate and Advanced checklist


Once you purchase “Positive Rate”, you’re entitled to receive free updates to check all essential changes

With each purchase you make, each 3% of each sold ebook will go into The Women’s Right Center

The Women's Right Centre

The Women’s Rights Centre (WRC) Foundation (Fundacja Centrum Praw Kobiet (CPK)) is a nonprofit organisation established in 1994, and is the oldest profemale organization of this type in Poland. WRC’s mission is to counteract all forms of violence and discrimination against women in private, public and professional life. WRC works for equal status of women and men, gender equality and empowering women and girls. The main area of the WRC’s activity is providing comprehensive, free, specialized and tailored support (psychological, legal, social, housing, vocational, etc.) to survivors.

aviation english level 5 extended

“I truly recommend The FL350 – Advanced Aviation English Online Course!
I had a pleasure to learn with these professional materials.
 I studied hard and we made a success -I scored the ICAO
Level 5. Thank you Emilia for your invaluable help!”

Tadeusz, a B787 pilot.

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