ICAO Level 5 Vocabulary: The Concorde

ICAO Level 5 Vocabulary: The Concorde


What can you think of you when you hear a Concorde?

Probably you’ll think of a dart-shaped supersonic jet airliner manufactured by Sud Aviation (later Aérospatiale, a predecessor of Airbus Industries) and the British Aircraft Corporation (BAC) used mainly by British Airways and Air France carriers. It was unique and prestigious thanks to its maximum speed, which was 2.4 Mach and broke the sound barrier. Unfortunately, a Concorde in its full glory belongs now to the past. A tragic Air France 4590 Concorde plane crash, which took place on 25th July 2000, changed the situation of an unquestionable king of the sky forever.

Top 12 Concorde related vocabulary

Today, on 25th July 2017, I took a closer look at the various articles online regarding a Concorde plane crash and I created a list of top 12 Concorde related vocabulary worth knowing for those interested in the aviation world. All definitions are taken from Cambridge Online Dictionary.

Concorde interior British Airways at Manchester

1. Supersonic

Definition: Supersonic (adjective) – faster than a speed of sound

Example: supersonic aircraft; supersonic jet travel

2. Doomed

Definition: Doomed (adjective) – certain to fail, die or have problems

Example: doomed Concorde flight, doomed Concorde, doomed plane

3. Stricken

Definition: Stricken (adjective) – suffering from the effects of something bad, such as illness, sadness, etc.

Example: a stricken jet

4. Curb

Definition: To curb (verb) – to limit or control something

Example: Concorde flights were curbed because of the amount of noise.

Concorde throttle


5. Involuntary manslaughter


Involuntary (adjective) – an involuntary movement or action is something you do but you cannot control

Manslaughter (noun, uncountable) – the crime of killing someone without intending to kill them

Example: found guilty of involuntary manslaughter

6. Debris

Definition: Debris (noun, uncountable) – broken pieces of something

Example: the metal debris

7. To be grounded

Definition: To be grounded (verb) – if a vehicle that travels on water or in the air is grounded, it cannot or may not leave the ground

Example: Concordes were grounded for good.

8. To plummet

Definition: To plummet (verb) – to fall very quickly in amount or value

Example: The blazing Concorde plummeted into a hotel.

9. Viable

Definition: Viable (adjective) – effective and able to succeed

Example: Is it possible to make supersonic flights commercially viable?

Concorde control panels

10. To revive

Definition: To revive (verb) – to make something from the past exist again

Example: NASA looks to revive supersonic jet travel

11. Cutting edge

Definition: Cutting edge (adjective) – very modern and with the newest developments

Example: Cutting edge aircraft design / technology

12. To usher

Definition: To usher (verb) – usher into/ to/ across, etc – to show someone where to go or sit

Example: to usher in a new era of supersonic travel


Hungry for more Concorde links? I’ve got something special for you <3 🙂 There is a spectacular article in Business Insider presenting the splendid photo gallery with some unpublished shots with short descriptions. I absolutely love it and I share it with you with pleasure.

What is more, let me finish this article with a rock tune. I suppose all of you know Guns’n’Roses but do you know what do the band and a Concorde have in common? The answer is “Paradise City”, one of the most popular Guns’n’Roses hits includes a flashback of band’s boarding on a British Airways Concorde. Take a closer look at 3:21 and admire a breathtaking view!

Guns'n'roses Concorde

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