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The beginning of 2018 was an opportune moment to design a long-term and realistic strategy to implement solutions that would be helpful, easily accessible and effective in the process of learning English on a regular basis. It is Instagram that I focused on to introduce my Online Dictionary.

What is Instagram News Feed?

Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms that is heavily dependent on the visual content. Through your smartphone’s app one can quickly and intuitively add your photos and videos to your News Feed and it’ll be available in the reverse-chronological order to either those you’ll allow it to see (in a private account you need to accept invitations of those who want to follow you), or it’ll be available publicly for everyone who enters your profile. My profile on Instagram is shown to everybody – click here to follow me on Instagram.

Instagram revisebeforeflight screenshot

This is a screenshot of a web version of my recent Instagram news feed

What are Instagram Stories?

A tremendously popular feature of Instagram is its Stories. They can be presented as a singular video, a photo or a whole series of these. You may use filters, stickers, hashtags as for the regular News Feed. The crucial difference between these two is no matter what you add, it’ll be automatically deleted after 24 hours once you upload it. So if you worked hard to create a series of videos with the same filter and a majority of stickers make sure you download a copy of these to your mobile to store it for the future use.

An example of my Instagram Story

This is my Instagram Story added on Tuesday morning on Jan 31st 2018.


What is Instagram Online Dictionary Made by Revise Before Flight?

  • In my Instagram Stories you can find my Instagram Online Dictionary; as a matter of fact, from Monday to Friday (all national holidays and my vacation excluded) I create usually a one-photo or a sequence of maximum two photos of a story that shows a singular noun, adjective, adverb, verb, idiom, etc. A chosen word is written in a blue box and the examples are always highlighted with a purple color (*update* – it used to be yellow until February but I was suggested to change a color with more contrast). Depending on the context, it may be a phrase, a sentence or simply a yellow arrow pointing at the discussed keyword.
  • I always circle the formal words with a red color, while the informal ones are green.
  • Each week is devoted to a particular subject. For example, in January my first week of Instagram Online Dictionary was devoted to alcohol-related vocabulary, phrases, etc. My four-day schedule (the Jan 1st was a national holiday, therefore, only 4 days of that week were covered) looked like this:
Instagram weekly flashcards summary

My Instagram weekly flashcards summary

What if You Don’t Use Instagram?

I realize it may be challenging for you to check your social media every single day so for those who feel reluctant to use it repeatedly I prepared a monthly summary that includes all the flashcards for the last month. They are grouped by their main subject. Join my newsletter to receive a monthly Instagram Online Dictionary as a PDF!


How much time fo you spend every day on social media? What is your favorite platform? Would you like me to prepare a learner’s corner on Facebook/ LinkedIn, etc? Let me know in the comments below or via e-mail if you feel more comfortable with writing a private message. Enjoy learning English with my daily dictionary and let’s keep in touch in my newsletter to stay up to date what happens on this website and in my teaching world 🙂

Online Dictionary in social media