ICAO Level 4 Structure: Time Linkers

I’d like to present three graphics that will help you understand the difference between the most popular time linkers in English. Why is it important before taking your ICAO exam? Because the way you form sentences is what ICAO holistic descriptors call Structure. ICAO Structure” is basically grammar and the construction of the sentences. The richer it is, the bigger are your chances to score higher grade during your exam 🙂

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Time linkers – Part 1: When, Since, Before and Until

First of all, let’s take a look at:

“When”, “Since”, “Before” and “Until”. Here you can see a table with all the information gathered. Read the examples provided if there’s anything unclear for you.

Time linkers graphic 1

Time linkers – Part 2: After, While and As soon As

Now, it’s time to take a closer look at:

“After”, “While” and “As soon As”; they are often confused but if you pay closer attention to the aspect of tiny differences between them, I believe it wouldn’t be difficult for you to remember the difference.

Time linkers graphic 2

Time linkers – Part 3

Finally, the thing that is often regarded as problematic is prepositions. They are small little words that collocate with the noun, noun phrase or a pronoun and connect it with another word.  Here is a chart where you can see the time linkers which are used the most often with the most popular prepositions.

Time linkers graphic 4


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